Zehnder ComfoAir Whole
House Ventilation Units
These units provide a balanced whole house ventilation system with heat recovery. All of our units come with filters fitted as standard on both the air intake and extract. This improves the quality of incoming air as well as protecting the unit from any airborne particle in the extracted air. These filters can be fitted, removed and changed retrospectively.
Heat recovery
The ComfoAir heat recovery ventilation system
works to extract air from wet rooms (kitchens
and bathrooms) around the clock. It extracts
the heat energy which would otherwise have
been lost during the extract process and
transfers this to the fresh, filtered supply air
which is being drawn in from the outside. This
is done using efficient counter flow heat
exchangers and can recover up to 95% of heat
which would otherwise have been exhausted to
Moisture recovery
Zehnder Moisture Recovery
In some instances, the environment within an air
tight home can become too dry for comfort. It is
possible to upgrade the heat exchanger on
selected units to the Zehnder Enthalpy Heat
Exchanger. Not only does this product remove
heat from extracted air, it also extracts water
vapour which is absorbed by a membrane. This
can then be used to regulate the humidity of
supply air, ensuring it is optimised for comfort
with no transfer of odour or microbes and no
loss in performance.
Cooling is particularly important on hot and
humid summer days and Zehnder have a
solution to improve the level of comfort in the
home. Our ground source heat exchangers
(ComfoFond and ComfoFond-L) use the relative
cool temperature of the ground during the
warmer summer months to reduce the
temperature of incoming supply air which is
passed around the home via the ComfoAir unit.
Alternatively, the stand alone ComfoCool unit
actively cools and dehumidifies supply air
working in conjunction with the ComfoAir unit.
Zehnder Cooling
Zehnder Cooling
Summer bypass
Most of Zehnder’s ventilation units come
complete with a summer bypass feature. This
means that during warmer months, the supply
air bypasses the heat exchanger – especially
important if this air has already been pre-cooled
by the ground source heat exchanger.
Zehnder Summer Bypass
Products and systems that are full of advantages
Zehnder have more than forty years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of ventilation systems. Our experience and market knowledge allow us to produce intuitive, integrated solutions which meet all the needs of our customers.
No one knows our products and their capabilities better than our own technical specialists. We are ideally placed, not only to design installations so as they meet both the regulations and the needs and aspirations of the homeowner but are also on hand to train a network of accredited partners.

  • Planning support for the installer
  • Training of partners
  • Compliance with rules and regulations (DIN 1946-6)
  • Individual offers tailored to customer requirements
Because Zehnder design and manufacture all the elements of their systems, components are designed to fit together. This integrated functionality allows for a more rapid system installation saving both time and money for both the installer and the end user.

  • Coordinated system components
  • Simple, fast and economical installation
  • Support for installers thanks to technical instruction
  • Commissioning of ventilation systems
Zehnder Installation
Zender Cleaning
Zehnder Maintenance
Zehnder Ease
Zehnder 3-stage Switch
Zehnder ComfoControl Luxe
ComfoControl Luxe
Three-stage switch
All Zehnder Comfosystems can be simply and effectively controlled to ensure optimal performance around the clock. These easy to use controls range from standard switches to fully integrated LCD displays featuring programmable timers and system status messages.

  • Simple use
  • Air exchange setting to meet requirements
  • Stage switch
  • Control unit with status messages and timer
The provision of good air quality is at the heart of everything we do. We have therefore designed in a variety of features to ensure that air quality isn’t compromised by unmaintained equipment. Our ventilation units contain replaceable filters on both the supply and extract air streams with the option to upgrade these filters to a finer grade if desired.

  • Smooth internal coating prevents dirt from settling
  • Simple replacement of filters in the device and the air vents
  • Simple heat exchanger cleaning

Simply contact the Heat Recovery Centre if you need to replace or upgrade a Zehnder filter.
At Zehnder, we have tried to design our units so as they require as little maintenance as possible. Beyond checking the filters and heat exchanger periodically – these items are easily removed and available as spares if necessary – there is little else to do to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your system.

  • Low-maintenance units
  • Long-lasting effectiveness and efficiency
  • Inspections/servicing by specialists

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