SMART Technology by Greenwood is a fusion of sensors, controls and innovative design features that enable ventilation to work SMARTer for the home owner, the environment and the installer on-site.

SMART Technology has been designed so that it enables SMARTer results by

  • Being commissioned in the quickest time and most fuss-free way
  • Working in harmony with the installed environment because it knows what the ‘norm’ is each day
  • Generating extra efficiencies in running costs, energy usage and carbon emissions
  • Operating effectively for a comfortable life indoors without nuisance running or unnecessary heat loss
Greenwood HumidiSMART™

A new and revolutionary way of using humidity levels to provide effective ventilation in domestic properties.

It’s SMARTer because in contrast to traditional humidity sensors that activate because a pre-set threshold is crossed, Greenwood HumidiSMART™ only reacts to man-made increases. This is because it cleverly monitors the installed environment and knows what the ‘normal ambient’ humidity levels are on each individual day throughout the year.

Ventilation is therefore only ever on when it needs to be. Greenwood HumidiSMART™ helps to reduce nuisance running especially at night, unnecessary heat loss and energy usage because the fan isn’t running in response to increases in background humidity which naturally occur throughout the day and with the changing seasons.
Greenwood CommissionSMART™

Greenwood CommissionSMART™ is an innovative control or design feature on a product that makes on-site set up and commissioning the easiest it can possibly be.

It's SMARTer because it utilises wireless or touch-pad technology in contrast to fiddily switches that can often be loacted in difficult to reach places on the unit. These can also often be difficult to access once the product is installed or if any changes need to be made.

Located at the front of a unit or via a hand-held device, Greenwood CommissionSMART™ technology can allow in room set up, especially beneficial with central systems.

Greenwood CommissionSMART™ technology is at the very core of assiting in the delivery of GIP and making the entire installation and commissioning process fuss-free.
Greenwood TimerSMART™

A new logical approach to timer operation used in domestic ventilation fans.

It’s SMARTer because in contrast to traditional timers that use a generic pre-set period for overrun time, Greenwood TimerSMART™ uses duration of occupancy time to determine overrun period.

This means that when compared to a traditional timer function, Greenwood TimerSMART™ can reduce unnecessary over-ventilation in properties. It can also help eliminate nuisance running (especially at night) and unnecessary heat loss and energy usage as well as helping reduce a home’s carbon footprint.
Greenwood CarbonSMART™

Products that carry the Greenwood CarbonSMART™ label are SMARTer because they are designed and manufactured using very low energy consuming components. They also utilise the most efficient design, balancing watts and airflow performance in the most effective way.

All of the products can demonstrate tangible savings in running costs and energy usage when compared against standard alternatives.

Importantly the products are also Carbon Neutral. This means their inherent energy saving design has been further enhanced through a carbon-footprinting and minimising impact process. Once completed, the process is further enhanced through a selection of accredited carbon off-set projects located in Sudan, Chile and Turkey.
Environmental technology by Greenwood Airvac
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