Environmental centralised whole house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)

Top of the energy class
This unit carries all of the rewards to help reduce your DER (dwelling emission rates) including SAP Appendix Q and EST best practice making it a favourable solution for compliance to level 3 and above of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

A complete solution
The heat recovery systems provides ventilation for the whole house, both supplying and extracting, whilst recovering heat that would otherwise have been lost.

HRV95 = 86% heat recovery

GIP Guaranteed Installed Performance
Fusion HRV95 has been designed to assist in the delivery of GIP on site with 100% adjustable airflow control.  With 2010 Building Regulations now requiring on-site performance to be tested, commissioned and signed off for Building Control the 100% adjustability allows accurate set-up each and everytime.

For comfortable living
Concealed in the loft space of a house, offering a more discreet solution to occupants ventilation needs all you see are stylish ceiling grilles which means no more nuisance noise.

Airflow to suit
A range of airflow settings for varying house sizes which are all commissioned on site.

A breath of fresh air
Supply air is filtered (grade G3) before it is distributed to habitable rooms. Unit has 3 filter settings depending on geographic location.

Summer cool
Turn the heat recovery off in warmer months with the unique summer bypass option where the heat transfer between extract and supply air is temporarily deactivated.

Any installation
Right and left handed models for varying installation applications.

From inside to out
Low energy EC motor, integral LCD display, on-board frost protection, condensate drain and low noise levels.
'Fresh as a daisy'
Environmental centralised whole house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)
Fusion HRV95
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