Environmental centralised whole house mechanical extract ventilation (MEV)
Central continuous self-balancing mechanical extract system (MEV) - low energy DC
Additional Features 
(CMEV.4eHT model only)

Incorporates SMART Technology
A fusion of sensors, controls, and innovative design features that have been designed to enable ventilation to work SMARTer.

'Go with the flow'
Centair CMEV.4e
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Top of the energy class
The best SAP Appendix Q eligible product with an incredible 0.16w/l/s* performance which will help reduce DERs in SAP and contribute to achieving Level 3 and above of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Complete control
A continuously running ventilation system for the whole house that actively contributes to indoor air quality, controlled via a wired in remote switch to control trickle and boost speeds.

Not seen and not heard
A completely discreet system, centrally mounted in a cupboard means no more nuisance running noise.

Space saving
5th extract point can be located at bottom of unit (requires cut out on site) for easier connection to ducting in applications with limited space.

A perfect fit
Compact design (one of the smallest on the market) makes it ideal for apartments and small properties that usually don’t have the window space for all of the trickle vents required with traditional ‘on and off’ extract fans (System 1).

No fuss installation and commissioning
One of the fastest units to connect and commission on site. 100% variable motor speed options for trickle and boost speeds adjusted through speed pots located on fan body. (medium speed will be based on mid-point between selected trickle and boost speeds).

From inside to out
Energy efficient EC motor, 5 extract spigots, clever motor assembly design which can be easily removed once isolated, allowing for cleaning and maintenance if necessary.

* 0.16w/l/s based on kitchen + two wet rooms installed with appropriate ducting as detailed in SAP Appendix Q report.
Download full details from www.sap-appendixq.org.uk
Guaranteed Installed Performance (GIP) is about ensuring what is installed in a dwelling is what has been designed.

Centair CMEV.4e and Centair CMEV.4eHT are Greenwood GIP products that have been designed to
assist in the delivery of GIP onsite simply and easily. With 100% variable airflow settings, these products can be tested and commissioned to be accurate to Building Regulation requirements each time.
Guaranteed Installed Performance (GIP)
Centair (MEV)
Unity (dMEV)
Fusion (MVHR)