Environmental centralised whole house mechanical extract ventilation (MEV)
Central continuous self-balancing mechanical extract system (MEV) - low energy DC

Wired in 3 position remote switch (GS1) to controltrickle, medium and boost speeds.

Double pole light switches or GS2 switch to control trickle and one boost speed.
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Centair CMEV.4e
Installation & wiring
Physical specification
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Additional Controls
(CMEV.4eHT model only)

Greenwood HumidiSMART™

Centair CMEV.4eHT features a new and innovative way of using humidity to control boost ventilation.

It’s SMARTer because in contrast to traditional humidity sensors that activate because a pre-set threshold is crossed, Greenwood HumidiSMART™ only reacts to man-made increases. This is because it cleverly monitors the installed environment and knows what the ‘normal ambient’ humidity levels are on each individual day throughout the year. This helps remove unnecessary heat loss, energy usage and removes nusiance running throughout the day and night.

Greenwood TimerSMART™

Centair CMEV.4eHT also features a new and logical approach to timer operation.

It’s SMARTer because in contrast to traditional timers that use a generic pre-set period for overrun time, Greenwood TimerSMART™ uses duration of occupancy time to determine overrun period. This removes nuisance running noise (especially at night) unnecessary energy wastage and heat loss typically associated with traditional timers.
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